odaiba cruising

we went cruising in odaiba for a halloween party. it was incredibly fun! we spent the entire time on the roof, dancing and trying not to fall off the side of the boat because it was really windy and the boat rocked quite a lot. my friend made me dress up as a clown, but it was so windy that i got changed.






one of the guys dressed up as the movie piracy character from the cinema ads. it was great. he even did the dance and everything!

terrible phone quality photos, sorry!




there was another earthquake around 2am this morning, a 7.1 on the richter scale. the epicentre was in fukushima, but even so it woke me up and the house creaked and slowly rocked back and forwards for quite a long time. i was so confused as to whether i was actually awake or dreaming, because the rocking seemed too balanced and fixed and, as a result, it was almost lulling. i was staying the night at my host family’s house, and was in a different bed in a different room, so i was quite disorientated by the whole thing. by the time the world finally stopped rocking, i got an alert on my phone for a tsunami warning up in tohoku, but that was retracted soon after.

anyway, it was a weird experience. the typhoon went away, and we just had a lot of rain. but it’s been raining non stop for the past two weeks, nothing new.




there was a typhoon forecast to hit kanto last night (the news kept saying things like “one in a ten year event”), so of course i ignored the warnings to “stay indoors” and went out for yakitori with a friend. the izakaya that we went to was quite well-known, but because it was typhoon-y outside, there were barely any customers. we were very merry and excited about the typhoon, and luckily the buses kept running as per usual. i got home around 12.30am in the end. the typhoon “hit” around 3am. it was really loud and i couldn’t sleep. aside from a lot of rain and wind, it didn’t seem like such a big deal. i guess the worst of it missed saitama.

it was fairly exciting anyway! unfortunately class was not cancelled today.